Sandy's Surprise -- I Want to Say "He" or "She!"

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Tim and I went to see Spiderman yesterday. It was okay, I'd give it a 3/5. I definitely liked #2 a lot better! I had to pee THREE times during the course of the movie! Also, I took along snacks and drinks (because we all know how over-priced movie theater food is!) and with an hour left to the movie, I had a rumbling stomach!

I was ready to leave and come home, I was so uncomfortable! My back and legs ached so bad, as did my hips. It's funny how much you take your pre-pregnancy body for granted until pregnancy shows you how fortunate you were before!

Second trimester seems to have brought along quite a few new symptoms, such as:

  • Back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Round Ligament Pain
  • Fatigue (well, I guess this is carried over from first trimester)

But my favorite new development of all is feeling the baby move! I can't wait until his/her movements are consistent!

I just called to try and schedule our 20 week ultrasound, and the stupid base is booked until June 19th! I am so mad. There is no way I am going to wait till 22 weeks for my 20 week ultrasound!

Anyway, I called my doctor and left a consult for her saying we have a trip planned, and can she please refer us to a clinic off base. This is ridiculous. I'll update when I know more (might not be till the end of the week, knowing the base).


They didn't call back today (BIG surprise). If they don't refer us off base, we'll have to keep our June 19th appointment. I thought about going to one of those places that check all the different measurements of the baby AND do an u/s, but the ladies on my board said that doctors are a lot more thorough.

I am so freaking sad! I really, really want to know what I'm having! I want to be able to say he/she instead of "it" all the time! I want to go shopping and be able to call the baby by name!

I probably sound like a big whiner, but I really feel like all of the above will help me bond to the baby more. I guess 22 weeks instead of 20 isn't too bad... I just feel like the wait is never-ending.

Stupid pregnancy hormones are making me more upset than I should be. Anyway, no point in getting all worked up if they do approve our request. I'm waiting till Friday and then calling them.


Yes! The base called, and they got me a referral to get my ultrasound done at another hospital off base! I am so happy! I have to call them tomorrow or Friday, and book an appointment. Yay! No more waiting till the end of June!

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