Sandy's Surprise -- Now I'm Changing My Mind?

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I am so contrary... now that we have our ultrasound date scheduled, I'm wondering if we should find out what we're having. I know, I know!! I've been *dying* to find out this whole time and now I'm changing my mind?

I told Tim, and he said, "But I want to find out!" So this is what we're going to do -- we're going to have the ultrasound tech write it down in an envelope.

This way, if I don't want to know, Tim can read it and not tell me (and I know he'd be good at that!). But if I DO want to know, we can look at it together!

And we decided that if baby does not cooperate at this one, we won't be finding out till delivery day. I just got to thinking that maybe once I push the baby out, it would be cool to hear Tim say, "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

But I also think it would be cool to decide on a name, and go shopping for gender-specific things, and call the baby he or she rather than it. I am so weird!

Here's my 16-week picture. For some reason, I look really puffy! But that's just probably because this baby is making me fat!

I cannot believe how big I am! Every week, Tim says, "Wow, you're getting so big! Your belly can't possibly get any bigger!" I feel the same way, but I know once I'm at 40 weeks we'll be looking at my belly going, "Whoaaaa...."

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