Sandy's Surprise -- A Little Background

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Nothing too exciting going on here, so I'm going to share the circumstances that led to us getting pregnant. For those who don't know, my husband and I had tried to get pregnant for about two years. I went off birth control, and for some reason, we just couldn't.

I was ovulating. His sperm count was a little low, but nothing that should've affected us too much. The doctors had no clue, and we were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility."

I got so incredibly frustrated with trying to conceive that I decided to talk about adoption. We had always known that we wanted to adopt, we just figured it would come later, after we were done having biological children.

We talked about it and slept on it, and decided to go for it. We were in the process of adopting -- in fact, a little girl had been identified for us from India -- when we found out we're expecting!

We planned to pursue the adoption anyway since we had gotten so attached to the little girl, but our agency told us they have a policy where you cannot adopt if you're pregnant. So unfortunately, we had to put that dream aside.

They did assure us though, that the little girl's referral was going to a family who would be able to devote all the love and attention to her that she would need. We are slowly making our peace with this decision. So there you have it!

Some other news. We got a new kitty! Her name is Lacy. She is a beautiful tortoiseshell, with a little stump tail! I think she was born that way; it doesn't look docked. One night my husband and I were going out when we noticed this sweet little kitty who came running up to us.

She meowed at us and rubbed up against us. It was really cold, so we decided to take her in for one night and take her to the shelter the next day so her owners could find her. Well, it turns out her owners are dirt bags who just ditched her. We went back to the shelter almost two weeks later and she was still there.

So of course, we adopted her! She is really, really sweet. Right now she's isolated from our other pets (a cat and two dogs) because we want them all to get used to each others' smell first. The only one I'm really concerned about is our resident kitty, Billy. He's pretty territorial, so there's a lot of hissing and yowling going on at Lacy's door!

I am starting to really be able to handle my morning sickness. I've found a few things that work for me like:

  • Eating every two hours
  • Eating relatively bland food
  • Sucking on hard candy and staying hydrated
  • Taking my prenatals at night

I gained too much weight too quickly between my 5th and 7th weeks, so I've started to watch how much I eat and exercise. It's really helping! Plus, it helps that I'm not starving every half hour. I think my body is getting used to being pregnant. I can't believe I'm 8 weeks tomorrow! That is so wonderful! I feel so lucky and blessed to have come this far.

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