Sandy's Surprise -- First Bradley Class

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yellow tulips with red stripesAren't they pretty? We had seen these tulips (they're yellow, but have threads of red running through them) one day while we were out walking through our neighborhood. I pointed them out to Tim and told him how much I loved them. Well, he remembered and got me the same ones for Mother's Day!

We also had some furniture on order at a store that was an hour away. The plan was for me to get off work on Friday, and then he and I would drive to the store together to pick the furniture up.

Well, he said he didn't want me to have to do all that right after I got off work. So HE got off work early, drove to the store himself, picked up the furniture and had it all assembled by the time I got home on Friday so I could enjoy it. Isn't he the sweetest?

Tonight was our first Bradley class! It was really nice. We live in a small town, and our neighbor teaches them. We were the only couple, so we got to have it at our house! She came over, and stayed for about 1.5 hours.

We got to tell her our "story" and then she talked about herself. She has 4 beautiful kids whom we see all the time, since they live directly across the street from us. But I did not realize that she actually had another baby, a daughter, whom she lost at 7 days old to a deadly infection.

It was so sad to hear her tell the story. It had been a perfectly healthy pregnancy and really fast labor (2 hours!). Everything was perfect, until the baby contracted this rare strain of a flesh-eating bacteria in her belly button. It's a really fast-moving bacteria, and even though she was in the hospital hooked up to antibiotics, her little body just couldn't fight it hard enough.

I swear, while she told this story, I was on the verge of tears. My eyes were brimming, and I was trying so hard not to lose it especially since she seemed so pulled together about it! My respect for her as a mother and a woman increased 100 times after I heard about that.

Anyway, our first class was about exercise during pregnancy. She gave us some basic exercises to practice that help build up the Kegel muscles, and stretch out the perineum. And apparently, if you do 40 pelvic rocks before bedtime, it moves the baby off your bladder and you won't have to pee as much during the night!

Our second class will be next week, and it's going to be about nutrition. And on Wednesday, we have our first Midwife consult! Yay!

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