Sandy's Surprise -- The Plan is to Eat a Cookie!

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After we made up yesterday, Tim and I decided to spend the day outside. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I was itching to leave the house. We had the best time!

We went to the library and got some books, then we got some ice cream and sat outside on the restaurant's patio to eat it. Finally we went and walked around this park. We saw the cutest little toddler there. He was wearing shades and running around the park, it was so cute! Tim has been noticing all the little boys everywhere now that we think ours is a little boy. It's adorable.

Once I got tired, we came home, curled up on the couch and read our books together! It was so much fun.

I am so excited -- three more days and we get to make sure this one is a boy! And then we can go shopping for the baby since I've been so good at holding out.

At first I had thought that I wasn't going to touch the nursery we had decorated for Addie even if it turned out to be a boy, since it would be such a waste of money (we're planning on co-sleeping, and moving houses most likely next year). But now that I'm actually here, I think I want to redecorate. Tim doesn't care either way.

I think I'm going to get some plain sheets from BRU and redo his room in lime and chocolate brown. The bedding that I'm talking about isn't on their website; it's their line of separates. So it's basically just a lime green crib sheet, with a chocolate brown dust ruffle, and I'm going to paint some artwork that matches for the walls. I'll also have to look and see if I can find a matching set of curtains or valances.

I'm talking like I'm sure it's a boy! After the ultrasound, I'm about 90% sure but I'm still trying to keep an open mind just in case!


24 hours till our big ultrasound! I am so excited! If the baby does not cooperate, I'm going to be very annoyed. And actually, it does have a tendency to be modest -- at both ultrasounds we've had so far, it's been reluctant to show the goods!

So Tim and I have come up with a plan for me to eat a cookie 20 minutes before our appointment, and I'm also going to take some candy with me just in case.

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