Sandy's Surprise -- People Can Tell I'm Pregnant!

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The Cheesecake Factory was excellent! Anyone who has one within 100 miles of them should go just to experience the Dulce De Leche cheesecake! Oh man, I have been dreaming about it ever since I got home. It was so yummy!

I went with my two friends, one of whom is 18 weeks pregnant. She is so tiny though, her pooch is smaller than mine! It was really shocking! She didn't eat anything except a salad and some water. I'm wondering if maybe she has body image issues?

She's been having some complications with her pregnancy, too, and she said she hasn't gained any weight at all from her pre-pregnancy self. I'm a little worried about her, but maybe it's just because that's her body type. I felt like a huge house compared to her!

It was cool, though, because people could really tell I am pregnant, and they were so nice to me! They were holding doors, and seating us quickly, and generally just being really sweet. I must say, I LOVE all the attention you get when you're pregnant!

The other day, we went to WalMart and our cashier started chatting to me about when I was due etc. I told her I felt huge for 8 weeks (just my belly pokes out, nothing else is fat!), and she said she was the same way. She said all her weight was out front, in her tummy the whole time she was pregnant. She had two boys and a girl.

Apparently from the way I'm carrying, and from the foods I'm craving (mashed potatoes, meat, etc.) people say I'm having a boy! That would be so cool!

But then someone said because I'm so sick, it'll be a girl, and I think that would be really cool, too! I guess I really don't care either way, and neither does Tim. We're just so excited to be pregnant!

9 more days till our ultrasound!

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