Sandy's Surprise -- Obsessed About Baby's Gender!

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I've become a little obsessed about the baby's gender. I spend a lot of time online looking at different websites that "guarantee" you'll know your baby's gender, if only you'll send them a couple of hundred dollars, and some of your blood.

Is it bad that I'm actually considering doing this? I know my husband would have an absolute cow if I told him. He's one of those practical, cool-as-a-cucumber, patience is my best virtue kind of people.

Well, I'm NOT going to do it, but I really, really want to know! And I know that these websites are most likely scams, but I still want to send them my money. *Sigh* I know we have a perfectly good, free gender ultrasound coming up in 11 weeks, but that just seems like so far away!

And to think I actually was considering waiting until delivery day to find out the sex! Ha! Like I have that kind of willpower -- who was I kidding?

On another note, I had a little talk with my husband last night. We were both snapping at each other a little yesterday afternoon, and I know for me it was because of pregnancy hormones.

And for him, well, it's hard to be nice all the time when someone is trying to bite your head off. I think we can all appreciate that.

So I just took some time out when I was feeling a little bit more in my element to tell him what was going on. I told him it's hard for me to explain just how miserable I feel for a lot of the day, and it's such a chore to just get up and get myself a glass of water and some food.

I also told him it had nothing to do with him, and how much I appreciate the way he's been taking care of me and doing things for me. I mean, he pretty much does all of the housework, gets me food and water when I'm feeling yucky (which is most of the time), sits with me and talks to me to distract me.

He's the best hubby ever! And he does all this without complaint.

I felt a lot better having gotten that out in the open, and he said he understands, and he was sorry for snapping back. I know he can never truly 100% understand what I feel like, but he really does try. And what more could I ask for?

6 more days until our ultrasound!


I am pretty sure those sites are scam. Even when you go for ultrasound, they tell you the gender, and most of the time they are accurate, but it is not a guarantee. If doctor can see a boy, they are most likely accurate. But if they see a girl, there is still a chance that it is a boy, depending on the pose of the baby at the time of ultrasound. I actually have a friend who was told she is having a girl, and she got a wonderful boy.

Good lock and stay healthy. Soon you'll know for sure, and what a surprise..., that will make no difference on how much you'll love your baby.
-Sarah Johns