Sandy's Surprise -- Naming Discussions Begin

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Tim and I were discussing names last night, and we finally came up with one girl's and one boy's name we agree on! The boy's name is Lucas Michael and the girl's name is Eva Grace. My husband is very adamant that we call the baby boy Luke, because he doesn't like Lucas. But I said Luke is a shortened version of Lucas, so his official name should be Lucas. So we're going to compromise and call him Luke, but on the birth certificate it will say Lucas. Phew! Complicated, eh?

Not to say that we will stick with these -- after all, we have another 7 months to change our minds!

5 more days till our ultrasound!


My goodness, my pregnancy hormones are really doing a number on me! I was bawling last night -- hitching breath and everything -- for about 15 minutes and I couldn't stop!

It all started because we were watching our Friends DVD. It was Season 8, the one where Chandler and Monica get married, and that part came up where Chandler holds up the onesie he bought at the hotel gift shop and says, "How can something so small be scary?" Yes, that's what started my crying jag!

He held me and made me take deep breaths to try and calm me down! Gah, I felt like a huge drama queen, but I also couldn't stop.

Thankfully he understands and doesn't think I'm totally nutso! (Or maybe he does and just hides it really well!)

I've noticed my cravings are totally changing now. I used to want steak, potatoes and rice all the time. No veggies and nothing sweet.

Well now, I want sweets all the time, and lots of veggies (but no carrots! Those make me gag!). Weird, huh? Do you think the baby was a boy and turned into a girl somehow?

Tim came up with another boy name I really like! What do you think about Levi? I really love it! We're thinking Levi James.

4 more days!