Sandy's Surprise -- Getting the Nursery Ready

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Hello again, Journal and sweet Journal Readers! I am so sorry I haven't posted in such a long time. I guess third trimester has just been catching up to me! So much fatigue, it's incredible. Oh, and a dab of nausea, too -- so much fun!

Not too much has been going on except that I have officially started on the nursery! Tim was kind enough to paint it this past weekend, and I've been busy sewing some ribbon onto the valances so we can hang those up. And a lady on Ebay is supposed to sell me this really cute crib sheet as soon as she gets back from vacation (she custom-makes them).

I'm excited, and it makes me even more anxious to meet him! I think I also had my first really strong burst of nesting a week or so ago! I could not stop cleaning the nursery. I was like a madwoman on a rampage, sorting clothes, toys, baby carriers, booties, etc. etc. I got the closet all cleaned out (it was acting sort of as a catch-all for miscellaneous things) and organized. I had Tim put all the extra baby things that we won't be using for a few months (like the Jumperoo) in the garage. Now it looks so nice in there! *Almost* fit for a little king!

We've also been talking and thinking about the adoption a little bit. I really want our next to be a girl, so we can have the joy of parenting both. And we agree that we want to keep them fairly close together. So our plan at the moment is that I'll start doing the paperwork (since Tim is a total scatterbrain with paperwork!) in April, and we want to get on the list around October next year. That will keep Baby Boy and Baby Girl at around 18 months apart.

I am excited about our new plan; although, sometimes I think about how we'll be preparing for another baby this time next year and wonder if I'm crazy. But I know this is what's in our hearts and has been for a long time, so it's all going to be okay. The important thing is to be ready emotionally, physically and financially!

Oh, and to go back to the childless friends I was talking about... I spoke with one of them the other night. I think I've talked about her here before, she's 34, and has a 22-year-old live-in boyfriend. I know she's very insecure in her relationship because she really wants to get married, have a family, etc. I wish she would let me be her support system, but instead she's chosen to go the other way and try to invalidate what I'm doing and what I have with my husband.

It's a little irritating, and talking to her the other night just affirmed for me that I'm making the right decision in letting the friendship drift away. I just hope that one day she realizes what she really wants out of life, and then evaluates where she wants to go from there. I think she can be a really nice person when she's not so caught up in appearances and how she and her boyfriend look to the world. *sigh*

But enough of that negativity! I am really psyched because pretty soon Tim and I are going baby shopping! I cannot wait! I'll be sure to post pictures of what we buy.

And, in other good news,


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