Sandy's Surprise -- Half Way There!

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Yesterday we had our first midwife prenatal appointment at our house. It went really well! She advocates taking a lot of herbal supplements, but we don't really agree with that. I feel like it's almost the same as putting medicines in my body -- it's something that wasn't there before.

She did have a good idea to try papaya enzyme for my acidity instead of Zantac, so I'll give that a try but that's about as far as I want to go with that. Besides the difference in opinion on supplements, it was a really good appointment!

It was so much better than sitting in a sterile waiting room. I had my fur babies around, my husband right there, and I got to listen to baby's heartbeat on my couch! She checked my urine, and it turns out I have some ketones and a little bit of blood spilling into it, so we're going to have to watch that.

I drink a ton of water a day and my pee is always clear, so I don't know where the ketones came from. I also don't have any kind of urinary infection, so the blood is a mystery too. She wasn't too concerned though, so hopefully it was just a fluke.

Anyway, after that she talked to me about my diet and wanted me to eat breakfast and also to add some more protein into my diet (she said beans - ). She didn't have any major changes to make since I'm gaining the right amount of weight, and I don't have any other indications of a poor diet.

I told her I walk a lot everyday with , and she was happy about that. According to her, I was measuring at 20 weeks even yesterday, so I guess I'll go ahead and do my party for today!

20 WEEK PARTY!!!! HALFWAY!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe I'm halfway already! In another 20 weeks, I'll be meeting my little guy! I can't wait! Tim was the most adorable little baby boy, and I so hope our son takes after him in that! I can't wait to see.