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I made a small (one and a half minutes) video montage of our journey so far to our little miracle! You can watch it here. It was fun seeing my belly progression as I went through the pictures. It's amazing how far this little baby has come!

This montage idea was taken from my dear friend Erin (Tonieerin), who did a similar montage on her blog for Isabella. Thank you, Erin, for the idea!

Yesterday was an interesting day. We had to go up to a big hospital 45 minutes from where we live so I could get fitted for a holter monitor. For those that don't know what that is, it's a little portable EKG monitor that is hooked up to you for 24 hours.

It's really annoying because that means I can't shower, swim or take a bath for 24 hours! I also had to sleep with it on last night. And to make it worse, I'm allergic to the stupid electrode adhesive. I have till 5:50 PM tonight and then I'm taking it off! Can't wait.

It was funny because everywhere we went I'd get these really weird looks from people. I guess it's not everyday that you see a pregnant woman with electrodes strapped to her chest and wires coming out of her walking around in a store. Anyway, hopefully they see that there is nothing wrong with the ol' ticker, and I can resume my activities as before.

We also went and got some paint for the nursery yesterday! I'm so excited, I can't wait for Tim to paint that room. I also decided to change the nursery colors from chocolate and green to chocolate and blue. But lo and behold, our stupid Target was out of plain blue crib sheets! I was annoyed because that means I'll have to make another 45-minute trip up there just for that another day. Grr!

I would shop online but I hate paying shipping. Yes, I'm hard to please. While were at Target we got these really cute turtle booties for the baby. Tim made small noises of protest because we (okay, I) already have about 139329 pairs of booties for the baby but I used my usual arguments -- "But his toes will get cold!!" and "But they're so cute!" As usual, I won.

Starting next month, we're going to buy some major stuff we still need like his pack 'n' play/bassinet, etc. I decided not to do a baby shower. We will have a small party after he comes for our friends though. But we'll be specifying that they don't need to bring gifts!

Hmm, it seemed like I had more to say but I guess not! Be back later!

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