Sandy's Surprise -- Interviewing a Doula

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AAAAHHHHH, I am SO tired of not being able to sleep! It's 1:20 AM here and I can't fall asleep. I woke up at 7 AM! I am so freaking sleepy! And the worst part is, I know this is only going to get worse. Uggghhhh... well, at least the baby seems like he's getting some good sleep in! Maybe he'll keep it up when he comes out. Just a little bit of wishful thinking!

Tonight (well, last night) we interviewed a doula. She seemed nice, but Tim thought it was weird that she got nervous during our consultation. He said if she's used to talking to nurses and doctors she shouldn't be nervous answering our questions. But I disagree with that -- after all, this was a job interview of sorts to her. That's enough to make anyone nervous!

I like her credentials because she's the local LLL leader and I really want breastfeeding support. She's also had 4 kids of her own, all naturally. We're going to think about it for a little while and then decide whether to hire her or keep looking.

I also made my first prenatal appointment with my birthing center midwife for the 24th. I am excited for Tim to meet her, and to get things going! I feel kind of like things have been at a stand still since we decided to nix the home birth idea.

In other news, only one more week till our Babymoon! I am so happy we're getting to do this. We're leaving for 4 days, Wednesday through Saturday. It's also our 5th anniversary, so it's going to be a really special time.

It's going to be great to get to blow off some steam and just relax. Especially for Tim. He has been working really hard at work, and then coming home and taking care of a ton of chores. Poor guy. He hardly complains either!

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