Sandy's Surprise -- Little Stirrings of Love

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So far, the love I have for this baby can be equated to the love I would feel, say, for a cute, puffy, bunny rabbit that might come to our house to visit on a regular basis. I am very attached to him, and I want him to get strong and healthy, but no undying maternal love has lit my heart afire yet.

However, sometimes I can so feel little stirrings of that love in my heart. It always happens when I'm talking to Tim about something completely unrelated. He'll be saying his piece about his computer game, or his favorite radio talk show or whatever, and I'll see glimpses of him that I feel might be reflected in our child. Maybe the way his big brown eyes get wide when he's talking about something that really interests him, or the way he sets his lips when he's frustrated with something but also feeling a flash of determination that he will find a way through it.

And when I have those little glimpses, I can see why mothers everywhere say they would die for their child in a heartbeat. I know I will love my son that way when I can see him and hold him and really get to know him, and I hope he knows that in there.

I feel sometimes that he's connected to my thoughts and can feel that I don't LOVE him yet and that makes me sad. Or maybe he knows that even at this point, I would do almost anything to protect him and that's enough for now.

Here's a 24 (almost 25) week belly picture! 6 months!

Goodness, I look HUGE! Especially since this is the same shirt I used for my 18-week picture, you can really tell I'm packing on the pounds. Ah well, it's for a good cause, right?

Can't believe it - 25 weeks! That is so amazing! 11 more weeks and he'll be full term.