Sandy's Surprise -- Look What I Won!

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Nope, not in labor BUT look at what I won the baby on Ebay!

An adorable little sweater vest for his first Christmas! I paid $6 including shipping for it and it was only worn once! I swear, I have reverted back to my shopaholic ways. I had calmed down a lot once I got pregnant but now that his arrival is so close, I just have this intense urge to buy him all these cute outfits!

Speaking of which, Lisa, where did you get that Packers jersey for Luke?? My FIL is a huge, huge Packers fan and I would love to get the baby one!

More pink spotting this morning! Yay! I have so much "leakage" down there (cervical fluid) that I have to wear a panty liner. According to my midwife, lots of cervical discharge means the cervix is effacing, and pink spotting means the cervix is dilating.

So I think we can safely say that I am dilating AND effacing! When I'll go into labor is still anyone's guess, though. Last night I had a ton of contractions, so Tim came up with a plan to time all of them.

They weren't regular (say, every ten minutes) but they were constant and seemed to be following a weird pattern (7 minutes, 11 minutes, 13 minutes, 7 minutes, 11 minutes, 13 minutes, etc.). We think it might be pre-labor!

I'll have to see what my body does today. I am still guessing that I'll go into labor in about 5 days to a week. Eep! I cannot believe I am so close to meeting my son!