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Another late night. I actually went to bed at 9 PM, but then woke up at 10:40 PM starving, and have been up since. Oh well, at least I get to write in my journal!

Tim and I were talking names tonight, and we found one that we both like! I am going to hold on to it because I would like to make sure that we both still like it and decide to go with it before we announce it. That way we can be sure we like it without any outside influences. It has a great meaning too, which is an added plus!

Also, we've decided to do a maternity photo shoot. It's something I wanted, and Tim agreed to because he's such a sweetheart. If you knew him, you'd know he absolutely hates stuff like that. But I want some good pictures for the record! This is our first baby, and it's just so special, I want to go all out.

I found two great photographers, so now it's just a matter of picking one and booking the shoot!

Here's a pregnancy survey I found! :

Name: Sandy

Age: 24

Pregnant with baby #: 1!

Latest craving: Cottage cheese with strawberry jam!

One rant about pregnancy: I hate all the feet swelling! Yuck!

One rave about pregnancy: I love the pregnancy glow!

One stupid comment you've got so far: "Are you excited?"

One sweet compliment you've got so far: "You're all belly - you look so cute!"

Do your shoes still fit?: Yes, thankfully! Although my feet tend to swell in closed toe shoes because it's so freakin' hot!

Has your husband/partner had any pregnancy symptoms?: Oh yes! He's had weight gain, nausea, cravings and aches and pains. Cute, eh?

If so, what?: Oops, see above!

Are you having a boy or a girl?: BOY!

Are you excited about the gender you're having?: YES!

Why or why not: I think every baby is a miracle, regardless of gender. Also, having tried for two years, I think I'm just ready to be a mom! I was a little worried that we didn't have any boy stuff and we had ALL girl stuff, but it's worked out just fine. Baby stuff hasn't broken our budget... yet.

What is your baby's personality like?: Feisty, adorable, sneaky, smart, greedy for sweet food and active!!

Who do you think baby will look like?: I think he's going to be a perfect mix of me and Tim.

Is the nursery finished?: No, not even close! I'm not too worried since he's going to be sleeping with us anyway (in a bassinet).

One word to represent the kind of mom you want to be: Kind. It was a toss-up between kind and fair, I went with kind.


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