Sandy's Surprise -- Over the Moon Either Way

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After deciding it's a boy, we went to Babies 'r Us and bought a cute little onesie that says, "Daddy's Boy." It's adorable!

Then we went out to our favorite Indian restaurant to celebrate. It was perfect, because we were the only people there! Tim called his parents and I emailed my family back in India to tell them. I think Tim's parents are a little disappointed because they wanted a granddaughter but I'm sure they'll come around. They are pressuring us to register because they want to buy us gifts but I really don't want to!

My family in India is THRILLED because this is the first boy in the family since my cousin was born in 1985! And this is my maternal grandma's first great-grandson, so she is just so excited! Everyone is pretty giddy.

We were talking about how we had thought we would've preferred a girl, but now that we know it's a boy, we are really happy! I guess somewhere deep down we wanted our first to be a son... is that old-fashioned? Anyway, I think we would've been over the moon either way!

I also went to WalMart today to get a Rubbermaid container for all our girly stuff to make room for baby boy! While I was there, I couldn't resist buying this CUTE little romper I've had my eye on since we thought it might be a boy, but I didn't want to jinx it so I hadn't bought it yet. Today I was able to!! And I also got him a little lion bathrobe. I'll be sure to post pictures later!

I really cannot wait to dress him up! I have a big thing for rompers, so I think he'll most likely have a lot of those! And footed sleepers too! I can't wait!

This blanket was a gift from a friend when she found out we were adopting... isn't it cute?? I love how neutral it is, so we're going to use it for him. And it's REALLY soft - my cat loves to knead it!

It feels weird not celebrating moving ahead a week since it's Wednesday, but since they moved my due date up, I will now be having "week parties" on Thursdays! So join me tomorrow for my 20-week party - halfway!

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