Sandy's Surprise -- Pregnancy Insomnia

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Ah, pregnancy insomnia again. Wonderful. The weirdest thing is that I am really tired, but the minute I lay down, my eyes are wide open and I can't sleep. So I guess I'll just dither around until I'm super-exhausted!

I hope sleep doesn't wake me up too early tomorrow, thinking that I went to sleep as soon as we laid down at midnight.

I have been finalizing plans for our babymoon -- it's so much fun!! We're going to SLC, UT. It's about a four hour drive from here, so we'll just have to stop every hour so I can stretch my legs out. Tim and I haven't been on a real trip in forever, and I am so excited! It's also going to be our 5th anniversary, so that makes it even more special.

We'll have to take a lot of pictures so we can really remember all the details of our last kid-free vacation for a long time! I am eager for it to get here (2 more weeks) because we planned for this at the beginning of my pregnancy, and I remember thinking -- "Wow! By then I'll practically be in my third trimester, how cool!" And now that it's here, I have to admit, yes, it IS cool.

I love being so pregnant although it does come with its own drawbacks like the constant aches and pains and not being able to get up when I sit down. But for the most part, I love being pregnant. It's special, and it's something I am in awe of. My body is really amazing, and I never even knew it! I think I have a new respect for it now.

Another thing is how much I respect Tim as a man and a husband. He is so very supportive. It's been an amazing time for me. I've had some rough times emotionally because of many things (one of which was the adoption falling through "because of" this pregnancy) and he has been my bulwark through it all. He is always making me feel so secure and protected, and my self esteem has hardly wavered at all because he is constantly telling me how amazing, beautiful, etc.

I am. And because of him, I get more and more excited to meet this little life we both made together. I hope Baby Boy has many, many of DH's wonderful traits. I will consider myself the luckiest woman in the world if that turns out to be the case.

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