Sandy's Surprise -- Seriously Nesting!

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Can you say NESTING? I just got this urge to suddenly clean our house (well, I've had the urge for a few days now, but today I actually got up enough energy to do it, LOL!). So I got up, did the dishes, cleaned up the living room, dusted, cleaned our bathroom, and now I'm sitting here, waiting for my hip to feel better so I can go clean out my car!

Tim promised he'd help me because maneuvering in and out of our little Ford Focus in not so easy when you're almost 38 weeks pregnant. I'm being held back by my body! I told Tim if it weren't for my hip and my legs buckling, I'd be cleaning so much more! He thinks it's cute.

He actually came up to me and said, "You're not in labor, are you??" Our doula had told us that when she goes into the early stages of labor, she always gets the urge to clean her kitchen floor, so he was a little worried. I *wish* I was in labor! But I think this is just a burst of nesting energy.

I am so eager to meet our little man! I keep wanting to buy him outfits and clothes and toys. We went into Carter's Outlet, and we couldn't stop loading stuff into our shopping cart! It's terrible, like a disease!

Tim wasn't too bad, it was mainly me. I also want to go to Baby Gap on Tuesday (we'll be near there anyway since I have my OB appt that day) and get him some cuddly winter things. Think I can convince Tim it's part of my nesting urges?