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A few months ago I decided to switch from my traditional university to Tim's university, which is more flexible. I would be able to earn my whole degree online, which I thought was pretty cool since we're going to be moving soon. Anyway, I had been taking classes through them and figured I'd have about 8 classes till I could earn my Bachelor's, which is what it was at my traditional university.

So I went in to speak with the academic adviser yesterday, and it turns out I need 16 classes! Twice what I'd need at my other university! I am so upset, because I was so close! And now I have twice as long. The good thing is that this university doesn't have traditional semesters; their semesters rotate out every 2 months. So I can still graduate on time, I'm just going to have to take twice as many classes, and pay twice as much money. Ugh!

I'm trying to find other online colleges that have a good reputation, and so far have found one (Columbia). I'll have them evaluate my transcripts too, but I'm not too hopeful about them accepting too many more credits. I just don't understand why ALL the universities in the US can't have the same requirements for the same degree!

Well, I guess I do understand... it's because this way they get to make money off of you every time you have to transfer! Oh well, it's all for a good cause. I'm not taking classes right now because the current semester would end right when I'm due, and the new one would begin right when I'm due also, so I decided to take a break till the next semester after that which will start in January.

Our plan is for me to start taking 2-3 classes a semester starting January. That way I can graduate in December of 2008. I would ideally like to start working right after I graduate, and between Tim's and my salary, we should be able to afford to get a nanny for the kid(s) instead of having to put them in daycare.

I cannot wait to get a "real" job... so far I've been letting Tim support me (he doesn't look at it like that though, he always says, "No, this is OUR money.") and just working part-time or full-time at places and jobs that I have little or no interest in so we can pay for my textbooks etc.

It's really annoying, but we were never able to qualify for any federal aid like FAFSA because we made too much, and had no children. But if I hadn't worked, we wouldn't have been able to afford textbooks and other expenses that went with school! Kind of a catch-22. I'm hoping that since I've barely worked this year and we have a baby coming in October, that I'll qualify for the FAFSA for next year.

Wow, that was a huge novel I just wrote. Anyway, tomorrow we have our first prenatal meeting with my doula. We're going to do up a sample birth plan and ask her if we should reword anything, and just her opinion in general. Pretty soon we'll have to drive up with her to our birthing center so she can see where it is and how to get there. She usually does home births or births at our local hospital so she's not familiar with our birthing center.

As we get closer to the birth, I find myself getting more nervous. It's not so much an "I can't do this" feeling as it is a fear of the unknown. I have never been to a birth, and I just don't know what to expect as far as pain, how competent the nurses are going to be, will they honor our birth plan on D-day, etc.

It's just a totally new situation, and although videos and pictures can give you an *idea* of what it might be like, they can never fully prepare you. I am just feeling really secure in the fact that Tim will be there with me, to support me 100%.

We've already established that once we get to the birthing center he CANNOT leave my side except to pee! He's so cute, he's already got his stopwatch to time my contractions. I think he's going to be an amazing coach.

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