Sandy's Surprise -- We're Going to Have a Baby!

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Lately it's been hitting me more and more that we're going to have a BABY around the house soon! Our first born! It's so exciting, and it also makes me really nervous.

I find myself going over questions in my head like, "What do you do to entertain a few-month old?" or "What if he poops all over the carpet and I have to clean it up while Tim is at work?" I know when the time comes I'll be fine, but thinking about this stuff makes me realize just how different things are going to be around here.

After finally waiting and waiting, this Christmas we'll have a sweet little baby to buy presents for, and decorate for, and stuff a stocking for!! I am so excited about Christmas this year, I even asked Tim if we could decorate in November, LOL. He said we had to wait till December 1st - boo!

I just know everything is going to be so much more amazing with a baby -- the first time he experiences anything, and we'll get to be there with him and show him all of the joyous things in life. I am feeling so very blessed right now!