Scaring Myself

Ok, so I am 7 weeks 3 days pregnant (according to the last period I had). I am worrying myself a ton though because I am scared of miscarrying. I had irregular periods before I got pregnant, but the tests say I am pregnant! My husband and I are very excited, though I am very nervous just because I don't feel pregnant. I am not sick, though I have been nausious, but not regularly. I need some comfort!!!


Submitted by ibgna12 on

I am also 7 weeks pregnant. This is my third, and I don't feel sick at all, not nauseous a bit. This is not uncommon. As long as you are not spotting, relax and enjoy it. Try to stop worrying, all that extra stress doesn't help matters. Don't let yourself obsess on miscarrying, start thinking and reading about baby clothes, and cribs, and bouncy things, and little tiny shoes.