Slight detour

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Got another call from my OB yesterday. When he scheduled my D & C he had asked if we wanted him to send the tissue out for an analysis to see if a reason could be found as to why the miscarriage occured. He had called to let me know that a karyotype had been performed and an extra chromosome was found on chromosome 15, thus causing the pregnancy to terminate. I asked if chromosome 15 carries any genetic abnormalities such as when chromosome 21 has an extra chromosome, the baby would be born with downs syndrome. He said it does not and that a third chromosome on number 15 happens in 4-7% of miscarriages, which, according to my doc, makes this a fairly common occurance. He told me not to worry that it doesn't mean there is anything reason to believe there are any genetic issues between me and my husband. He asked if we were going to try again and I gave him a very resounding yes. He sounded happy that we were gonna give it another go and I told him I hoped I would be seeing him again soon for my first prenatal check-up!