So confused...wishing it was easier

I know my body pretty well. I know the symptoms before my period starts. My breasts usually become tender and sometimes swell a bit a few days before I begin. There have been times before when I thought I might be pregnant and it ended up just being premenstrual symptoms.

For the past week and a half, almost two weeks now, my breast have been extremely tender and have become swollen almost a cup size. My abdomen is also swollen but, not in the same way that it normally is. I've been sleeping more than usual the past two weeks or so and I'm tired at night even when taking naps during the day. I am not on any medications or have any health conditions that may contribute to this. I've also been very moody/irritable. My period is due this week and I am wondering if there is a possibility? I had my period last month but, it wasn't as heavy or as long as it normally is. I understand other factors can play into all these symptoms...I guess I'm just irritated and impatient more than anything.