so excited!!!!

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Even though I am so excited about having a baby with my soulmate, I still think I might be a little mad !. I have 2 that run me ragged already and now I want another!!! what is wrong with me? hehehehe. Thinking about it we will have 3 children and 2 dogs!. Seriously though I really am so excited about this because I know that my man will stand by me the whole way. With my other 2 kids their dad wanted to go out and get drunk and not be supporting me with any of the pregnancy/ labour. I know my great man will be there for every appointment, every scan, every antinatal class and there for the whole labour. He will happily get up to do night feeds, change bottoms, feed, bath and dress our baby, I am so lucky to have found him and I hope I can give him everything he deserves.