So I thought it was just a UTI

I knew I had not felt well the last week, but I just thought it was a UTI. It was confirmed on Tuesday, April 28 that it was, in fact, a UTI that had made its way to my kidneys. I described my pain more specifically to the PA, who said she thought I probably had a kidney stone. She said to wait it out a day and see how I felt on Wednesday. With an RX for antibiotics and pain relievers, I went home and took my meds. For some reason, I just knew there had to be more.

Early on Friday morning (like 3 am) I begin to wonder if I was pregnant. My usual montly symptoms were not there. I had one left over pregnancy test from the last time I thought I might be pregnant. When my husband woke me up that morning, I took out the test, did my thing and hopped in the shower. I rushed through my shower and threw the door back only to see 2 pink lines shining in front of me.

I completely freaked out! I had drank a bottle of wine the previous weekend, held my almost 2 year old daughter for x-rays the week before, and was on meds for my UTI. My husband tried to calm me down, but didnt' quite do the job. He did call my cell when I got to work and left a sweet message.

At 8:30 I called the OB and told them everything. The nurse said, "Don't worry, I hear stories of women doing much worse. Don't sweat what you've done, just do what you need to do now." She's probably like 20 telling a hyserical 32 year old to calm down, but whatever, it worked. My first appointment is May 15.

I'm a little more nervous about this pregnancy than the first. I'm not sure I know why though. It has definitely been an overwhelming 48 hours.


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Yeah... I did LSD, Shrooms and consumed a ton of alcohol and pot in the early days. My doctor said if I hadn't managed to miscarry yet, it would be just fine, so long as I change my actions- now.

You should be okay, at least I believe. Good luck!