So Many Miracles....And This Year I Got One!

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Should I say oh boy,or oh girl?I hate the waiting game!!!LOL.I like to know the sex of the baby.Makes shopping oh so much fun!Thanksgiving just got over so now I am in full Yule and X-mas mode!!!For those that do not know,Yule is the Pagan kinda Christmas.We celebrate the first day of Winter,aka the Winter Solstice.We feast,we dance,we celebrate that we have abundance.It is about the symbols of life and the end of the harvest season.An awesome holiday!And then we have Christmas!!!OMGoodness.I love the story of Jesus's birth and what it stands for.I am not a Christian but I believe that it is a story with a lesson for us all.Miracles can happen.It does not matter what religion you are,there are miracles!

I find that I have a miracle growing inside me as we blog.I can't wait for those little kicks to start and to hear my baby's little heartbeat for the first time!And this Thanksgiving the two things I was the most thankful for:This little miracle and a baby Daddy that is awesome and can put up with my mood swings!!!LOLOLOL!Anywhoo....It is time to jingle the bells,deck the halls,and have a ball!!!!

All Kinds Of LOVE,