So we decided to give it a try...

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So, it is official, we are trying to get pregnant. 1st attempt at conception was last night and today it seems surreal. Kenny put it simply, "there's no turning back now." I find his confidence in the matter comforting. This being his third child, and my first, it seems I will be leaning on him for guidance and support from here on.
I have endured the internal battle of taking such risks of my health, a child's health, our future, all the "what if's" for months now and with the finalization of yesterday, I find that I am at ease more today than ever. Although I know very well how easily my moods change and I am sure the fear will return. I have decided that the what-if's are not allowed to rule my decisions entirely, only help shape them. So many of them I have absolutely NO control over. It is my duty to remain as stress free as I possibly can, and these what-if's have a way of inducing the highest of stresses inside me.
I will continue to do everything in my power to ensure I aid a healthy pregnancy and child...from there, we must accept what comes.