some advise please

hello, I need some advise.

I'm 19 years old and just found out that I am pregnant. It was unplanned and I am completely unprepared. I live at home with my parents and according to them I will have to start paying rent and part of the electric bill which I'm worried about because the only bill I've ever had to pay is my phone bill and now I'm going to have to prepare to pay these new bills and have to provide for a new baby. Since I found out that I'm pregnant I've been looking for a job, I just got a weekend minimum wage job and I'm going to an interview this weekend to be a sitter during the week. So my first question is if I get this job when and how do I tell the family that I am pregnant? (im 8weeks by the way)
what I'm mainly stressing on is how am I going to save money and be able to provide for this baby and myself? I have a boyfriend (the father of the baby) and he is a retail manager. He's not good at saving money which stresses me out more, and says he's going to join the cost guards before the baby is born. He has been "joining the coast guards" for 5 months. I see nothing happening soon. So my mindset is that I'm on my own.
I just graduated from cosmetology school and have my stateboard test date at the end of this month. getting my license oppens up opprotunities for me to get a better job but I'm still worried about applying for jobs in a salon when pregnant and how an employer feels about it. how will they feel about hiring me for a few months as an assistant. I would only be able to work for a few months, and once my belly starts growing I won't be able to shampoo clients. I'm worried about everything and would really like some advise.