Spotting help

Since sunday 04/03/11 I spotted light brown, it is now 04/06/11 and i am still spotting a light to dark brown I am not having any pain. I did have a miscarriage 01/27/11 I was 5 weeks and six days bled until 02/01/11 a few weeks later I learned I was pregnant. I am so worried that this spotting may be a miscarriage. When I go pee and wipe there is a little light brown and sometimes there is very tiny amounts of tissue passing I've been trying to research and I have read that it can possibly be old blood so what I'm thinking its from my miscarriage in january. I did not have a d&c. And what sucks is I am away for training for my job so I can't go to my dr yet I've ben trying to call and I can't get through. I will be heading home friday evening so i plan on going to er to get checked out because its been a few days of spotting and im just worried. Could anyone please help me and tell me what I might expect to find out when i go to the ER