Started spotting again :(

I am only 6 weeks and 5 days ! But I spotted once the other day! I went to my doctors and he sent me for another altura sound ! The lady said there is some bleading there but there is still a heart beat! Now 2 day's later I started spotting again Sad If I have a misscarage again this will be number 3 ! We have managed to have one son Smile so I have to be thankful for that Smile
It went misscarage, year later got pregant with our son . He was born 2007. Misscaried 2008 and I think I am miscaring how! I am not sure why this is happening to me? and why the doctors just say you can't do anything about it! And they don't look any futher into why it happens! The apointments stop there! Not very suportive ! I do no that I am O negitive and my husband is A B Positive and that I will need a rogram shot! But that is only if I make it to 28 weeks ! My husband say's that it is my nagitive attude with my negitive blood that causes it ! If this is going to be a 3rd misscarage there has to be somthing wrong ! I am on the 3rd doctor thinking he might no! Going to try to get an appointment today to see what is going on!

Very Sad and mad Tanya!