Starting a new approach

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Hi Everyone! Smile
My Name is Rhi and I am going to be 26 in March. My hubby is Ben and he is 27. We have been trying for a baby since Sept 2007 and no luck yet. I have had multiple medical issues along the way and one by one they are clearing up. I went to the doctor this month after test after test and found out, I have no blockages, hubbys sperm is good but I am not ovulating. IT is very frustrating as I want to be a mother so badly and have wanted to be one ever since I was lil. I am very nervous as with the economy the way it is we are all struggling but no one is every financially ready. So now I am on Clomid. I just finished my last pill on Tues and hopefully am ovulating (will take a test today) and hopefully will be trying to get preggers. It is hard to chart everything as I am extremely irregular. Another problem. But I am hoping for the best! Smile