Starting with hope

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Date: 16-10-2011

My first experience at serious blogging (well I hope I don't lose interest too soon!) Smile

I feel it is the right time to start blogging my thoughts coz I hope that they would make a great pregnancy journal in future! Yes that's right. I and my hubby entered the TTC phase of life recently. Quite happy about it coz now I know I am prepared for it. Well not completely prepared, but for the getting preggers part atleast! As for hubby yea well he says he is ready, and he looks ready too. But a passive role to play there. Earlier it bothered me thinking either he wasn't interested or he wasn't ready. But now I guess I have accepted, that's him! He won't bother to google up stuff to be better informed. He wouldn't be involved (or even attentive) when I speak of BBT, CM etc. Always available for BD though! Wink So it works for me. LOL.

This was our month #1 TTC and now I am in my 5th or 6th DPO. Believe me; the 2WW has taken up entire of my mind space. I could have shared it with a close friend or relative but I would rather keep it to myself. Once I reveal that I am TTC, and then people will start expecting that I expect!! I am better off keeping this a secret till I don't see those lovely 2 lines on my HPT strip. Biggrin Blogging is much option right?

OK. So I have been keeping track of AF, CM, BD and symptoms for entire of the month. Today (although too early I know) i tested and got a BFN. I don’t know if it’s a false early negative or whether I should get used to this rejection for a couple of months. There is pain in right ovary off and on. Praying it is corpus luteum or corpus luteum cyst only and not my PCOS induced cyst popping its head again. Dear again. NOT NOW ATLEAST!

Fingers crossed. Should be back by 15th DPO or later.