Still in limbo

So this morning (January 25th) I woke up and had a streak of bright red blood when I wiped. I immediately called the doctor and left a vm for the nurse saying I had bleeding and I was cramping. I wasn't exactly cramping, but it still felt....different. She called me back, scheduled my appointment for a prenatal work up a day early so that's tomorrow and then Friday I'll have my ultra sound in Harbour View.

I don't know why I keep having discharge. Everyone around here is so sick of me and my wildly ranging emotions. I was stoked when I found out my Beta was a 4258 and they aren't having me come back in for another one because that one is right where I should be. They might do another when I go back in tomorrow just as part of a routine thing, I dunno.

I'm just sick of this being in limbo thing, I had to basically beg to have an ultrasound, just to put my mind at ease. Even though it probably won't put it at ease, but it might help a little.

God please help this baby be healthy and full term. Please.