Still not 100% sure...

Well, this weekend I just began feeling the symptoms. Very tender breasts, morning ickies, and frequent potty breaks. Oh yeah, slight case of pregnancy brain, too. David says I am. He actually told me Saturday before I put all the pieces together. He will bring home a test tonight and we shall see.
I'm partly concerned because we have a 3-bedroom house and three kids already. That's about it though. I'm able to stay home with the baby, I love the baby's father, he loves the idea of a baby, and this baby will have three of the best older siblings one could ask for.
I'm not worried about labor-I've done it. Yes it was crazy difficult but I did it. I can do it again. I've got tons of family and great friends that will surely help us get ready. David's Mom is a saint and his Dad I'm sure will be overly excited. I should be about twelve weeks around Christmas so I should try to find a cute way to tell them.
And this baby will have a cousin, Delaney, just 7 months older!

OH YEAH-my due date will be David and mine's 3 yr anniversary! Yay!!!