Still unsure

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So we went to the doctor on 29th after having 3 HPTs with faint second line. Doctor's HPT showed a BFN. He asked us to either wait for 8-10 days more. Either I would get AF or else he would suggest further course. Since I was so curious, he suggest a blood test (beta-HCG) to make sure that I wasn't pregnant. We opted to wait n watch. Today I am 11 days late. I took another HPT (well it was the last one remaining in the drawer and I was bored doing nothing!) Now this HPT shows a clear second line, though it is not as dark as the first one.

The doctor was so sure 5 days back that I was not pregnant then. He even did a physical examination of vagina and cervix to confirm. Plus I am getting AF like cramps since yesterday.I am completely confused. Tomorrow I am going for the blood test. Google shows low HCG triggers faint lines. And low HCG for too long could mean more chances of miscarriage. Am I reading too much? May be.

Since we have just started TTC #1, we are not so desperate to get a BFP right away in the first month itself. Well it is much better to just have a BFN than a miscarriage or my good old PCOS coming back to haunt me!