still waiting

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Well it's O week, and Im feelin blessed (: I feel like this is the month I get pregnant, kinda a Holy Spirit feeling I think but perhaps that's just the Lord's joy at me wanting to get pregnant and waiting for my children, Joshua and....Rio? Sarafina? Anariel? Elizabeth? Amy? to come along. (my fav girl name is Sara Fina right now). So I've got three weeks to wait to see if this month is the winning month or to see if perhaps next month is (: Going to a baby shower on saturday. My friend is pregnant with twins! She and her husband are super excited! I just hope she doesn't turn into crazy mom Blum 3 hope I don't turn into crazy mom either! Me and moses also find out what he's gunna be doing for the next 3 years next week! Im excited! Im also excited to move to an apartment where ever we end up (: I love my baby and im glad he has a week off work! I also love my kitty (: And the Lord. that was a strange line up! So yeah, 3 weeks til find out time! (also my period is back cuz i took fur)