Stillborn Baby Found Alive in Morgue

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Stillborn Baby Found Alive in Morgue

by Cassandra R. Elias

In the News: Parents Find Their Newborn Alive in a Coffin in the Morgue

Baby Alive in MorgueThe heartache of hearing one's baby is stillborn is unimaginable. Imagine finding out 12 hours later that not only was the baby was alive, but enclosed in a coffin in a refrigerated room. This is the stuff of nightmares.

That is exactly what happened to a couple in northern Argentina a few days ago. The baby, who was born premature, was named Luz Milagros which means "Light Miracle" in Spanish.

The baby's mother, Analia Bouter, 29, never had a chance to say goodbye to her baby and insisted on seeing her daughter. The parents went to the morgue and were shown a tiny coffin, nailed shut. Analia tol the newspaper, Diario, "My husband used a lever and opened the coffin."

When the coffin opened, Analia dropped to her knees when she saw her daughter, wrapped in a white blanket, stretching and letting out a cry! "This is a message, a miracle." she told Diario.

The baby's father, Fabian Veron, 31, told the newspaper, Clarin, "We were told that the baby had hypothermia and that this may have weakened her heartbeat, which would have been accentuated because her heart rate was already low before birth."

The government of Argentina has opened an investigation and five doctors have been suspected. The undersecretary of health, Rafarl Sabatinelli told the news site, Chaca Dia Por Dia, "Every member of the team that was involved has some responsibility, so they will have to answer for this." Further, he said the matter is a disgrace.

The family is receiving psychological and financial assistance and the baby is recovering although her status is critical given that she was 3 months premature and according to doctors, they don't know how she survived those 12 hours in the morgue.

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