Stretch Marks

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For anyone out there wanting to keep stretch marks away, a friend told me during my 1st pregnancy to use Bag Balm. You get it at any drug store. It is a nasty looking, nasty smelling and very greasy. I was huge with my son and I smeared it faithfully all over my stomach and breasts. I never got one stretch mark on my entire body from pregnancy. Now I am 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child and faithfully smearing bag balm all over again, and I have elastic skin. Not one stretch mark appearing. Before I started using it this time, I had a couple red lines that started on my stomach and I immediately started the bag balm, and they went away. The real purpose of Bag Balm is used by farmers for cow utters. Calves have sharp teeth and make cow utters difficult for the mother cow to nurse, the bag balm used on the cows utters softens and elasticizes the skin on the utters making it stretch for the mother cow. Sounds weird I know, but I swear by this product since I dont have a stretch mark either time. Make sure you put it on your breasts also, that is where most stretch marks appear on a woman. I am not a seller of this product, I am a believer! Good luck to you.