So: I take birth control. I have 6 beautiful children from my adoring and wonderful husband. But 8 years ago we got stuck with this house. I wouldn't mind having another child if we had different choice in living quarters..but after this last baby I was sure I am done.

The 11th of this month I had my LMP. It was 3-4 days. That same day it started,as it should have ("scheduled dated for pill to let me menstruate was 7/10-7/16), I also started antibiotics for a sinus infection. I know I have ovulated just within these past 24 hours(7/19-7/21?). Had all physical signs plus I took a "ovulation test".
As I should *have* used a backup method the past few times (sat, sun,mon..I know..;) busy right? & hey the kids were all sleeping) my husband and I were intimate...I admit I was lazy and tired..and didn't believe I would even ovulate;and of course low and behold, the days after we did..I did..or(?) am ovulating as I write. Because I took the test and had the signs AFTER we did "the deed"- I did not take my birth control pill today, I am not sure if I should- I do not want to hurt which ever gender implants. I'm sure I am making matters worse for us. We both came to a mutual agreement and conclusion that the 'morning after pill' or 'plan B' just isn't right- for us anyway.

I want to take my pill but am thinking it will just make it a horrible environment for the lil' zygote...
And at the same time- I don't want another April baby the 3 of my 6 were born in April!
I'm so torn. I'm scared. I wouldn't wish this predicament of BEING STUCK in this house on anyone buy the STINKING family that stuck us here. Talk about unfair and horrid people. And- I am sick of strangers staring at me and my children when we go to stores and such; their eyes pop out as they silently count my children...then they slyly (?!?) say "you've got your hands full!" HA. The schock factor never seems to amaze me. Or when those people call us crazy. We happen to love our children. I usually tell the most shocked peeps that we also HOMESCHOOL! X^>

I don't know- maybe I'm not woeful. But..I am in a pickle...oh, I almost forgot I wanted ice cream, no pickles. I keep a good diet when pregnant; no pica for me.

I think I just wanted to waste time writing this...