Suri Cruise's Christmas $130,000 Wish List!

by Lucinda Loveless

Celebrity Chatter: Suri Cruise's $130,000 Christmas Wish List -- Yes, She's Getting it All!

Suri CruiseFor those of us who might be concerned that we're spoiling our kids, fear not. One need look no further than Miss Suri Cruise's wish list, and the fact that she's getting everything on it, to realize that we may not be so indulgent after all.

What's on this list? According to InTouch Weekly, Suri's list includes a pony (and apparently her parents have already secured a stable for it near their Beverly Hills home), a pair of $15,000 diamond earrings, and a gown that will "make her look like a fairy princess."

The gown and earrings sound perfectly reasonable of course since she already has a $100,000 tree house. One can hardly be expected to play in such a mini-mansion wearing a commoner's pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, don't you think?

According to InTouch Weekly, the tree house is not really "much of a tree house" at all, but more of a house -- a very fancy house, with modern amenities. Inside, there's shag carpeting, a spiral staircase and electricity. Seems as though InTouch is on to something.

So what does Suri do in such an opulent residence? Why host tea parties, of course, like all little girls -- except she uses fine china and watches TV with friends. Now, she'll be able to do so wearing an expensive gown and diamond earrings.

Relatively speaking, given her parents wealth, perhaps $130,000 is not that much to spend on a little girl. However, a person has to wonder if getting everything on her list, and for that matter, getting gifts that could be considered atypical for her age, are still unreasonable and send a negative message to Suri. Do you think she revels in the opulence or has a guilty conscious?

How do you feel about this? Would you get your children everything on their list if you could, no matter how outrageous? Share your shout-outs in the comments! Happy Holidays!

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