Surpriiiiiiiise :)

So, I found out yesterday that I am 6 weeks pregnant with baby number 2!! Surprise!! My son is 6, and will be entering first grade in 2 weeks. And his father and I split after a less then desirable second try at our relationship...well, about 6 weeks ago. Daddy dearest says he does not want to bring another child into this world knowing he won't be a full time part of it's life (he has 2 other children with another woman and is their relationship did not work either). So basically it was an ultimatum of "be with me or I want nothing to do with it..." So, I am 25, single and having a 2nd child. Not exactly how I planned things, but I am ok with it. At least I know this time not to expect him to be any help...6 years ago I pretended to believe he was going to be and that got me no where but a broken, here we go!!!!