Taking the Test

I think that I've figured out when my last cycle was. Gah, I just wish I would have had my phone backed up! Anyways, if I calculated it right then I am a month late.

I still have no idea when the date of conception would be. . .

Still having waves of nausea and I think that I have stayed tired these past couple weeks. My friend and I have been trying to lose weight together and start eating healthier, so that could be the reason for all the symptoms. I really hope that's not the case.

In the back of my head, I keep thinking that my period is going to start, and that I won't feel like I am walking on egg shells. It's frustrating not knowing. . .

I'm going to try to go get a test when my husband gets off of work and take it in the morning. I'm extremely nervous. I know it's better to know. . .but at the same time I'm scared to find out if I am or not.

So, I guess if I am I'll have something new to write about and I'll keep posting on her. If not, then I'll just get the bikini body for this summer.