Telling my husband

I ran out of the house this morning in a mood to go shopping for groceries. I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a digital preg. test, since I had goten a faint pink line earlier in the morn. I bought it, asked the woman at the counter if they had a bathroom, and she pointed to the back of the store. "Goodluck!" she said, giving me a wink. I marched in, peed on that stick and turned it face side down.

Wait. Wait. Wait. I prayed the whole 3 minutes, asking God for help and support, and prising Him no matter what happened next. I turned the stick over aaaaaand....... a little sand timer image was in the window : ( I sighed... and right then it flashed PREGNANT!!!!!!!! I almost choked I inhaled so quickly!!!!! I turned it away from me again and then rechecked- yup still PREGNANT! holy moly! I started sobbing pacing in circles in the big handicapped stall, sounding like an idiot. I think I stared at the white bathroom stall corner for like 2 minutes not comprehending what just happened.
I grabbed my stuff, washed my face, and ran back to the checker to give her the thumbs up sign! She said "Congratulations!" and I ran out to do my grocery shopping.

So now I have a special box all wrapped up with a big blue bow on top. Inside is a case that looks like it would hold a necklace. In that special case lies a positive pregnancy test! And underneath that lies a homemade onesie I ironed on a cute little saying.

BACKGROUND to the saying: My husband is Armenian, with a very Armenian nose. A VERY BIG Armenian nose! All of his friends call him toucan. I am terrified if our children will have this nose, but we shall see.

Back to the printed saying on the onesie. I printed out "Daddie's little" and a picture of Toucan Sam flying. IT IS ADORABLE! I will post some pics : ) Im so excited! Cant wait to cry and hug all over again with the one I love who helped create this beautiful little baby! Pray for us! Thank you Jesus for your good gift to our family! Praise You!