Last January my husband and I lost our little baby to PPROM at 20 weeks. I had been taking Lovenox injections for a blood disorder and bled vaginally almost the whole time I was pregnant. Now, we're pregnant again, and so far except for some intermittant spotting, no bleeding. I haven't been taking Lovenox injections. However, over the past few days I've developed what I recognize to be symptoms of a blood clot so this morning I took a Lovenox injection. I am scared to death. I want this baby so badly. I am desperate to not relive what happened last time. I have a history of one blood clot in a superficial vein in my leg but nothing more. Will excersize alone keep my circulation going enough to avoid blood clots? My job requires a lot of sitting but I will walk miles if I need to. Is there anyone out there taking Lovenox? Anyone who's had healthy babies at the end of a pregnancy taking Lovenox? Anyone else who's lost a baby and feels Lovenox might be related? I am seeing two doctors, and they both are on the fence about whether or not I need Lovenox but both warn me of the complications a blood clot can bring and they say that they do not believe the injections contributed to the loss of our baby. I would love to hear from other mom's who've had similar thoughts or feelings or have some input as I am so afraid history will repeat itself. I see women who've posted who have had multiple losses. And that scares me to death. Please write if you have anything that might help?