Thanksgiving quality recipes for children - Getting the whole family involved

Thanksgiving day can feel like a big theatrical production. Typically, entire families are together for the day. There aren't exactly a lot of good Thanksgiving recipes for kids, though. Your day can be easier, though. First, use the kid's excitement to help you get things done that make entertaining even easier.

How kids can help with Thanksgiving recipes

You could use Thanksgiving recipes for children that call for making something just for children to eat. It is better, though, to actually involve children in making something that everyone can enjoy. Boiling water and hot ovens are just a couple of the dangerous situations involved with cooking “classic” Thanksgiving recipes. Thanksgiving recipes for children can be integrated into your meal fairly easily though.

Kid drink Thanksgiving recipes

With Thanksgiving recipes for children, you’ll probably be best off doing a drink recipe. They are easy to be kid friendly. Non-alcoholic drinks can be mixed by kids as young as four or five. Make sure you prepare before the party with a blender. In it you will have to mix 8 ounces of frozen strawberries and two cans of limeade concentrate. Re-freeze the mixture in two smaller containers. Have the children on Thanksgiving Day make a fancy strawberry lime slush punch by mixing the drink concentrate with 1 liter of lemon-lime soda.

Have the kids make cranberry relish as thanksgiving recipe

Do you've children old enough to use a food processer or blender? You might want the try the thanksgiving recipe of cranberry relish then. First pick the sweetener that you want to use whether it be ¾ cup of honey, agave nectar or even sugar. Then you will mix this with two cups of raw cranberries, an orange, one teaspoon vanilla and ½ cup orange juice. Use a food processer or blender to make sure the mixture gets blended really well. You may want to thin the mixture with some orange juice if it is too thick.

Using kids' help on Thanksgiving

It doesn’t matter which Thanksgiving recipes you choose to do with your children. It will help to not have an additional dish if the children are helping you with the classic meal instead. Filling water glasses and mashing potatoes could be done by any age child. Don't relegate kids' cooking to the kids' table alone this year.