The Amnio

God what a horrible few weeks. Since being classified as "high risk" for Downs from teh NT scan we've had to endure the last five weeks of torturous wait. Had the amnio on Monday and woudl never ever do it again, all I could think of while it was going on was what if the baby dies because of this selfish act on our parts. This amnio is of no benefit to the baby, if the baby has downs then an amnio won't change that. THe only benefit is to us, that if the baby doesn't have Downs we are goign to be very relieved to find that out. I very nearly told the doctor (Andrew McLennan who introduced the NT test to Oz) where to stick his needle but I didn't and we went through with it. Anyway, thank God the initial round of results came through and baby is fine, no Downs.
I would never ever get an NT test again if we ever were to have another baby which we probably won't because of this experience and Kristian was happy to stop aat 2 anyway. I probably would have liked another one but probably not now. Abortion is not an option for us as I truly believe that all babies have as much right to life as each other regardless of whether they happen to be born or unborn.
Anyway, here we are finally able to enjoy being pregnant again I suppose it'll take a bit of time to get over the memory of the last while.