The Big Turn-around!!!

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Today went better than I could've ever wished! I left Greensboro at about 2:00 so I could be in Winston at 2:30, but stupid me got lost of course... not once... but three times. Sooo I got there at like 3 something. He had to be at work by 4, so it didn't give us as much time as I had hoped. I felt kinda bad cuz he had been sitting in the parking lot since 2:08. :/ He was cool with it though. We're even gonna talk some more about it. He seemed to have actually put some thought into this. I honestly didn't think he had, and he's still planning on going to college with is a huge relief. I'm so glad he's gonna be here for real. I had my doubts. Actually I didn't believe at all that he would be here, but he's proven that he will I think. I told ya he was a good guy. ;). I feel like the luckiest girl alive. He was even worried about Landon thinking he was a mistake. : ) that makes me very very VERY happy. I'm not so big on lieing to Landon and going with the story that Steve thought of, but we'll see. : )



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Hey Heather, I had to go to this web site for school to check on college kids that were pregnant. I was taken by your blog that I had to write.

I'm glad that Steven's in his life, he might have been scared about bringing in a new life into the world and the taking care of it. Yea, you will be having some nights that seem tough but you need that rest now so when Landon is here you will be rested for him, or her.

I hope your parents are in this for the long run, it is scary enough not having anyone their for you. I couldn't let my grandchild not know who I am.

I would like to send you a baby blanket if I could so send me your address. I would understand why you wouldn't though. Here is my e-mail

Hope everything goes well for you, just wait till he/she is born your parents will be there. Mine didn't like at first but they was there when she was born. Laura