The Big Turn-around!!!

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Today went better than I could've ever wished! I left Greensboro at about 2:00 so I could be in Winston at 2:30, but stupid me got lost of course... not once... but three times. Sooo I got there at like 3 something. He had to be at work by 4, so it didn't give us as much time as I had hoped. I felt kinda bad cuz he had been sitting in the parking lot since 2:08. :/ He was cool with it though. We're even gonna talk some more about it. He seemed to have actually put some thought into this. I honestly didn't think he had, and he's still planning on going to college with is a huge relief. I'm so glad he's gonna be here for real. I had my doubts. Actually I didn't believe at all that he would be here, but he's proven that he will I think. I told ya he was a good guy. ;). I feel like the luckiest girl alive. He was even worried about Landon thinking he was a mistake. : ) that makes me very very VERY happy. I'm not so big on lieing to Landon and going with the story that Steve thought of, but we'll see. : )