The Discovery....13th November 2010

I was an IVF patient. We had trouble conceiving after 4 years being married. I had been pregnant before but i believed it was early miscarriage at just about 4weeks then. I was heartbroken. WHich was why we decided for IVF.

I started my IVF Suprefact injections on 27th October.After 14 days, i was supposed to start on the Gonal F but upon blood testing, found that my hormone level was still rather high and i was instructed to further continue with Suprefact for another 4 days before repeating the blood test. When i came back on 13th November for blood test again, i was once again told my hormone was still on a high therefore i can't continue with my treatment. By then i was close to 2 weeks late on my menses. I had not suspected anything as i was informed not to be alarmed if my menses didn't come as some women during IVF do experience that.

Nontheless, the kind nurse asked if i had feel out of the usual like feeling nauseous, sore breasts and wether i had missed my period. So to all that i answered a yes. The nauseousness had begun early when i started Suprefact and i had thought then that that was a side effect of medication. The soreness of breasts i attribute to prolly my menses not coming yet and the missed period as mentioned i had thought was normal. The nurse then suggested a blood pregnancy test which i agreed to. Bt she had said the results can only be out the next Monday as lab is closing soon as it was already 11.30am when they asked me if they should run the test. I agreed. Both me and hubby then made our way home in the train.

Halfway through our journey, as we reached Khatib Station it started to drizzle, then the phonecall came. Nurse Mui Hong called, and told me " Dear, good news, you can stop all injections. YOU ARE PREGNANT!" ....I froze for a moment...then the tears started rolling down my cheeks... I asked her again " ARE YOU SURE?" and she of course replied yes and congratulated me. I thanked her profusely and ended the call.

I looked at my hubby, he looked at me and gave a questionning look. I whispered in his ears. He cried too but held back since we're in a public train. I couldn't care less. I cried. Everyone was looking. I was too happy to say a word. I was left speechless.

After 4 years of trying. After losing my previous pregnancy. After all the mockery and humiliation some people hurled at me and my husband. God Almighty, granted us our biggest wish. A BABY!

Now i'm 8 weeks along. We had our 1st scan at 6 weeks and we could see the lil black dot then. It hasn't been easy. I havn't lost my appetite but i frequently throw up. I am enjoying every bit of the symptoms though its hard on me. For i know this was what i have been waiting for all along. I took a test kit just for the records(CLEARBLUE DIGITAL WITH CONCEPTION INDICATOR). A lil weird but fun to do.

I broke the news to my mother as a birthday gift to her on 14th November. We cried a lil together. Now i am on weekly Hcg shots as per the Doctor's orders. It hurts my bum terribly each time. But any pain is worth it for me to see my lil one enter this world and lighten up our lives.

God bless, i will see this through to the full term.