The Journey

Sun 12-11-11: I bought the pregnancy test, my husband didn't want to buy it untill xmas, but i couldn't wait. So I when we went the supermarket i went to the pharmacy section and got it. Once I got home i did the test and surpriseeee!!! it showed 2 pink lines... I was pregnant... I'm pregnant :):) we are so happy!

I called my mom, she lives in Vzla she was so excited I know she wanted me to have a baby so desperate... Lol
And we told my mother in law and sister in law they were so happy and excited.
My father in law is out of the county, he'll be here by xmas and we're planing to tell him as soon as he gets here.

Th: 12-15-11. I had my doctors appointment, I got my first eco, Doc confirmed me i'm pregnat everything is so fine, I already have 7 weeks + 1 day. I heard the heartbeat.