The journey begins

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I had my tubes tied by the ligation-resection method on December 1st 1991 on the birth of my youngest daughter. I was very young then, just twenty years old. I had a fifteen month old, and a newborn, and was very unhappy in my marriage. Needless to say, I thought I was doing the right thing at the time. It was several years later, that I came to regret my decision. I eventually moved on, and met and married my best friend, and love of my life; Daniel.

We have discussed over the years having a baby of our own. But our hectic schedules, and lifestyle (we are both soldiers) always got in the way. But for the past two years, the longing for a child has grown very strong. We have been researching tubal ligation reversal for a few years now. We finally made the decision to go for it. We looked at many clinics, to include programs available thorough the military, and I always kept going back to this particular website: The Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center.

From the very first phone call, these people have been very kind. THe costumer service and communication is top notch, and this clinic is supposed to be the best. Doctor Berger is a world renown surgeon that specializes only in Tubal Reversals along with Doctor Monteith. This clinic is also very affordable.

Tomorrow night, Daniel and I fly out. On Wednesday, we have the pre-op consult and am scheduled for the surgery on Thursday. Friday, we come home. I am very exited, and at peace about our decision. Within a month, provided that my tubes are healthy and repairable, we will be able to start trying to conceive.

So, our baby journey started two weeks ago, when we scheduled the surgery, and for now....we will just "follow the yellow brick road"

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